Danny Singh Proves Himself King of the New Wave With ‘Ozone Park’ Mini Movie [Premiere]


Danny Singh's vision is infectious. The genre-defying project of a modest kid out of Queens, New York, Singh's music is as inspired by the streets he calls home as it is the adventurous spirit to look and move beyond the city that raised him. The result is Ozone Park, a creative endeavor like no other.

Set to release in full on June 25, Ozone Park, the forthcoming EP from Singh, is equal parts multimedia experimentation and love letter to home. "'Ozone Park' is an adaptation / concept project of my real life upbringing in Ozone Park, Queens… it's where I'm from. It's filled with the cultures of my community, the spontaneity of my community, and the life I experienced growing up there, shares Singh on his desire to bring the outside world into the neighborhood that shaped him.

Consisting of six singles and a mini movie, the latter of which we are beyond excited to premiere here today, Ozone Park introduces us not only to his neighborhood as he sees it but to the brash young artist, himself. "I'm unapologetic to being completely who I am… I try to embody the mantra of bE youRsElF to the max. I want to provide a space where everyone can just literally be that, themselves!" It is a sentiment that comes through loud and clear through every second of the mini movie's eight-minute run.

Directed by Justin Schaefers, the Ozone Park mini movie plays out like the visual embodiment of a pirate radio takeover, frenetically switching from chapter to chapter. Serving as a multimedia teaser for the forthcoming EP, each ensuing chapter is akin to running through the streets of New York, taking a hairpin turn into one rich cultural influence after another.

Venturing into hip-hop, experimental pop, sensual R&B, cathartic instrumental breakdowns, and taking intense alternative detours, seemingly nothing is off limits for Singh. With only a preview to go by, it would be no understatement to call Ozone Park one of the most daring projects of the year.

Watch the Ozone Park mini movie below: