DAVIE Brings Forth the “Flavor” in Self-Directed Music Video [PREMIERE]

R&B/soul artist DAVIE is no stranger to the stage. Having grown up amongst a musical family where gospel music was king, DAVIE has fostered his artistry for a lifetime.  Originally introducing his voice to the world under his birth name James David, his golden vocal chords caught the attention of renowned artists such Selena Gomez, Lizzo, and Childish Gambino. Today, DAVIE has proven that he is more than just a luscious voice but an artist and visionary, coming into his own while sparing no "Flavor" in the process.   

"Flavor" keeps things sweet, spicy, with tad of zest in self-directed visual companion for the track, released May 14.  Letting his creativity reign, DAVIE plays with live performance, featuring two of our most favorite things: a killer groovy dance sequence and a series of colorful androgynous pant suits, duh. 

We asked DAVIE to expand on the inspiration for the video: 

"'Flavor’ is a special one to me because it's the first video I've ever directed, so I had a lot of creative control. I wanted to give it a throwback 90s feel, when music videos were a bit more performance-based. I also put the focus on the colored suits we're wearing, with the choreo done by Vanessa Marian. She has a company called Groove Therapy, that focuses on movement to encourage positive thought and healthy energy, so her choreo felt like a perfect fit for the song." 

Take a first look at the music video below and be on the lookout  for his upcoming Lesson Learned EP, out this summer!