Daz Rinko Takes a Page Out of The ‘Insecure’ Handbook in His Video for “Broke Lawrence” [PREMIERE]

With a style that sounds sporadic yet tamed, Daz Rinko compliments every song with a bit of his Southern twang. The Memphis native draws inspiration from his hometown and upbringing molded by the music his mother would play for him as a kid. Utilizing bright textures, Daz Rinko is paving his own colorful path as an artist. We have the pleasure in assisting Daz in premiering his new video for his song, "Broke Lawrence," right here on Ones To Watch.  

Daz compacts a lot into a little in his new music video. Using an accelerating cadence, Daz tackles money trouble, the plight of being a young black man in America, validation, social climate and mental health all in a minute and a half. The video reflects the conscious-like ramblings of Daz as he sits alone on the steps of the Dunes apartment complex featured in Issa Rae's HBO series, Insecure. We caught up with the wordsmith about the meaning behind his new video, where he said,

"The song title and visual for Broke Lawrence play off of the HBO series 'Insecure.' As a fan of the show, I relate to the character of Lawrence and how he deals with the everyday struggles of being a black male making his way in the world. I drew many similarities in how he dealt with relationships, employment and more. I wanted to tie the video to the series in some way. So, while in LA in December, we decided to shoot in front of the same apartment building a lot of the first couple of seasons of 'Insecure' took place to really bring the song to life. This was one of the more honest songs on my project. I wanted to give some insight into my own battle with mental health issues."

This is Daz Rinko's first visual from his EP, Black Boy Joy 2: The Bigger Picture, released in Sept 2018. Carefully constructing a discography filled with insightful content and elite level rapping, Daz continues to prove how boundless his artistry truly is. His unique style is a refreshing change from the singular sound currently saturating hip-hop. Daz Rinko's future is as bright as the textures he uses to construct his incomparable sound. We wholeheartedly cannot wait to see how he will impress us next. Watch Daz Rinko's new video for "Broke Lawrence" below.