DeathbyRomy Is Giving Pop a Goth Makeover


20-year-old Romy Flores, better known as DeathbyRomy may be young, but she is anything but inexperienced. At the age of 15, the young artist knew what life had in store for her, leaving high school to pursue her dream. However, her decision to leave her life as a normal teenager behind was much deeper than just playful dreams of pop stardom. 

The then 15-year-old artist was a constant victim of negative online attention as she touted a look and sound that inspired others to immediately single her out as a target. As a young girl already dealing with anxiety, this accumulation of daily fears and self-hate resulted in the necessary leap of finally escaping school and the negativity that came with it. 

Since her decision to pursue music fulltime at the age of 15, Romy has made sure to catch her stride and not look back. These trials and tribulations allowed Romy to hone in on who she is, aesthetically and sonically. The notorious goth presentation is more than just a look to the now enviable up-and-comer; it is the embodiment of DeathbyRomy as an artist. The nature of her upbringing has brought forward a talented young artist who owns the darkness around her and finds herself embracing the not-so-loving side of the human experience. All of this put together, and we have the rising goth pop star DeathbyRomy.

The next few years would see Romy begin to discover her sound and attempt to overcome the mental health struggles that had plagued her for so long. Ultimately, her first full-length release served as a sort of journal to capture the growth and experiences that a 15-year-old faces when battling depression, leaving school, and looking to become music’s next big thing. 

In September of 2018, it was time to show the world what was brewing for Romy with the release of her debut album Monsters. With help from Yung Bans, Lil B, and Cuban Doll, Deathbyromy was a name quickly building momentum in the mainstream and there was no slowing down in sight.

At the tail end of October 2019, DeathbyRomy continued to hone in on her unique brand of goth pop with the release of her EP Love u - to death. On the EP’s intro track, “I Feel Like A God,” the rising is able to capture a sound that occasionally features post-apocalyptic pop mixed with a plethora of hip-hop drums and buzz saw-like synths. It is the songwriting on the track that truly represents the movement that is DeathbyRomy. The notion of confidence through a bleak goth lens showcases the future path DeathbyRomy looks to be launching towards.

On tracks such as “Diamond Tears” DeathbyRomy showcases her ability to deliver a more clearcut electropop banger and allow for her vocals to take over. Romy explains that she “cries diamond tears,” another nod to a level of self-assurance and confidence the young girl has built throughout years of difficult times and self-doubt. The production on the track nods to contemporary trap and the empowering vocal performance by Romy showcases her ability to dominate just about any sound. 

As an artist, DeathbyRomy displays a clear identity that she has no trouble delivering in her music or to her constantly growing number of fans. Now, it is only a matter of time until Romy and her goth aesthetic to carve out a significant niche in the music world.