Des Rocs - “Let Me Live / Let Me Die” | Live From The Rooftop

The grand, near-holy image of rock and roll bleeds forth from every inch of Des Rocs. Raised on the sort of bands that filled stadiums while inciting cultural change and protest, The New York City native is embracing what it means to be a tried-and-true modern rock artist, and he has managed to do it all over the course of a handful of releases. From his debut EP, Let The Vultures In, to his most recent single to date, "Outta My Mind," Des Rocs is presenting a stadium-ready sounded informed by gritty vintage rock with a hint of a modern alternative twist.

We had the honor of inviting the rock artist who makes the phrase "turn it up to 11" sound less like a cultural touchstone and more so as the very un-ironic foundation of his artistic vision to our rooftop. Performing his hit single, "Let Me Live / Let Me Die" off his debut EP, we were reminded firsthand exactly why rock will never truly die as long as we have trailblazers like Des Rocs to guide the way. 

To experience the unapologetic rock and roll of Des Rocs live, be sure to catch the New York artist on tour with grandson this spring.