Destin Conrad and Ambré Team Up For Silky Smooth Banger “Fraud”

On the latest collaboration from content-creator turned crooner Destin Conrad and New Orleans born neo-soul songwriter Ambré, reflection is at top of mind. "Fraud" finds the duo meditating on the compromises we often make in pursuit of lasting companionship. It's woozy guitars and buttery bass-line evoke the warmth of resignation into a comfortable and unchallenged relationship. Yet, Destin and Ambré's lyrics paint the picture of a couple at the point of imbalance. The question "what would you do for love?" greets us between silky smooth verses contemplating infatuation and ambition. "He wanna keep it local / He kinda low key lazy / She gave up on everything / Is that what we do for love?"

The refrain details a common sentiment in the modern romantic landscape. How does one strive to reach their potential while feeling hindered by the person they need most? "Fraud" sees a driven young woman dimming her own light for the love of her partner. Competing ideals and miscommunication spell the end of the relationship, but these issues always tend to fall short in the face of taking necessary action.

The song concludes with the humble conceit of a stagnant love. "I wanna go so let me know / He said that's a maybe / We both know I'll never leave / Is that what we do?"  The line, delivered by Ambré with a tone of deflation is a succinct encapsulation of the themes at play. At what point are we sacrificing our own ambition for the sensitivities of those we wish we could take along with us?

The track sees Destin Conrad and Ambré in true form, delivering a piece that oozes both affection and frustration. Inviting listeners to recognize their own true value in a vacuum. With their respective solo works causing us to turn our heads, and recent co-writing credits on Kehlani's fantastic 2020 album "It Was Good Until it Wasn't," we can't wait to hear what Destin Conrad and Ambré do next.

Listen to the song below.