dijon Instills an Ineffable Warmth in the R&B-Folk Tinged “Cannonball”


Photo: Taylor Clark

There is an ineffable warmth to dijon’s characteristic blend of folk and R&B. The Los Angeles-based, by way of Baltimore, artist recently ventured out on his own, following the critically-acclaimed Montana EP, released under the collaborative moniker of Abhi//Dijon. As dijon’s latest tender release so deftly demonstrates, it has taken him no time at all to find his voice as a solo artist.

“Cannonball” is a succinct just over two-and-a-half-minute offering, but in that brief timespan, dijon imbues an expanse of emotional depth. Based solely around a tranquil acoustic guitar, the Los Angeles-raised artist sways and swoons with the timeless songwriting of a modern poet. dijon instills an inherent poignancy into the simple wanting of the heart and soul to such a degree that it can be felt even in the final moments of “Cannonball.” In the track’s final seconds we are left with nothing but fuzz, allowing us a few moments to reflect on the heart-piercing beauty we just experienced.

In the vein of an R&B-tinged Sufjan Stevens, we are bearing witness to the first stages of an artist whose distinctive brand of folk will place him in a new generation of timeless songwriters. The spellbinding new single is taken from dijon’s forthcoming debut EP, Sci Fi 1, which is due out March 1. dijon spoke on the forthcoming EP, sharing,

“‘Sci Fi 1 is a collection of ideas that did not have a home–not quite an album, something in between. Made in living rooms mostly at night.“

It would be an understatement to say we are highly-anticipating Sci Fi 1, but until then, get lost the vastness of “Cannonball” below: