Dominic Fike’s “Phone Numbers” Is Your Soundtrack to Overcast Summer Days


You never know when Dominic Fike is going to drop some new heat, but 2019 has thankfully seen no shortage of new music from the always-impressive Florida native. Coming hot off the heels of a string of BROCKHAMPTON-related cameos, a Kevin Abstract feature, and an ethereal double release, Fike returns with a single that is perfectly capable of soundtracking anyone's overcast summer days.

If you are wondering why you didn't already have "Phone Numbers" playing on repeat, it may be because the distinctive hip-hop and pop amalgamation nonchalantly dropped on the 4th of July. And while the track's idyllic buoyant production courtesy of Kenny Beats may call to mind running through endless summer days, sparklers in hand, the thematic elements of "Phone Numbers" has more in common with the ephemeral nature of watching a firework burn out in the night sky.

"Why you not here with me?/ Can you break bread with me?/ Why you switch phone numbers like clothes?/ Why you can't answer me," Fike questions to a friend who will no longer pick up his calls. The story of a friend who has fallen by the wayside is nothing new to music, particularly in hip-hop, but the way in which Fike juxtaposes the sentiment with a track that could comfortably find a place in anyone's summer soundtrack is truly a feat to behold.

Beyond featuring some of Fike's most poignant lyricism to date, "Phone Numbers" also showcases the artist's unique talent for delving into spirited rapping at the drop of a hat. Whether it be rapping or soaking in moments somber reflection, music seems to bend at will for Fike, allowing him to deliver a distinctive musical vision that is wholly infectious and lightyears ahead of its time.

Listen to "Phone Numbers" below:

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