Donna Missal Takes to the Director’s Chair for the Haunting “Jupiter” Video


Donna Missal is living up to her reputation as a rising artist who never ceases to surprise and impress. The fiery New Jersey-born artist released her phenomenal debut album, This Time, last year to widespread critical acclaim, and quickly followed that up with the announcement of an unconventional prom-themed tour. When Missal is not busy bringing a soulful voice to pop-R&B and making prom not one of the most stressful year-end events for teens, the New Jersey artist is directing her own striking music videos.

Stepping into the director's chair for the first time, Missal brings her enchanting artistic vision for "Jupiter" to life. Taken from the artist's aforementioned critically-acclaimed debut album, "Jupiter" brings us to Missal's hometown. Filmed entirely at dusk, the otherworldly visuals are a perfect match for the song's overflowing sentiments of passion and longing that accompanies love. 

Missal spoke on transforming her rousing song into enthralling video, sharing,

“To me the song is about a first love. I wanted to make a video to reflect that experience of feeling something for the first time. To me, that brought to mind the memories of driving through my hometown as a teenager, feeling all of these big feelings all at once. It's my first time directing a video so I chose the setting of my own hometown in NJ that I think could remind anyone of where they grew up.”

The enveloping sense of atmosphere Missal conveys with every project she touches, visually and sonically, makes her a force to behold. It is only a matter of time until the world at large catches on to this bewitching talent.

Watch the video for "Jupiter" below: