Duckwrth Feels and Sounds ‘SuperGood’ on his Major Label Debut Album

With a handful of releases out, ranging from singles to self-releases mixtapes, Los Angeles-based rapper Duckwrth, born Jared Lee, has carved out a place for himself in hip-hop with his eclectic style and ability to explore and incorporate threads of varying genres and moods.

After teasing his latest endeavor with a smattering of singles, Duckwrth has finally shared his debut major label album, out now on Republic Records. Much like his THE FALLING MAN EP, ​SuperGood f​eatures a star-studded lineup of guest appearances, from Jean Deaux to KIAN.

The album kicks off with "New Love Song," which is exactly what it sounds like. With "New Love Song," Duckwrth captures the soaring feeling that usually accompanies ballads of this sort but weaves in his own agile bars and a delivery slightly reminiscent of ​The Divine Feminine​. "New Love Song" is the penultimate opening track, as it warmly invites listeners into the folds of Duckwrth's radiant groove.

SuperGood​ is peppered with jubilant reminders to get up and dance. Take the album's title track, for example. Dressed in synths and a subtle horns, "Super Good" feels like waking up in a sun-soaked room. "Super Bounce," which features Atlanta rap trio EARTHGANG, also carries a similar weightlessness. Duckwrth performs a smooth, melodic chorus over glittering windchimes as his guests flit around the percussion-led beat with pensive musings about love and weed. The track pairs nicely with that crisp new pair of sneakers for an extra spring in your step.

"Coming Closer," which was released in mid-July as a single, explores the territory of R&B-tinged dance, much like his breakout hit "MICHUUL." Rising singer Julia Romana lends her silken vocals to several tracks on the album, but her performance on "Coming Closer" stands out in particular. The coolness and nonchalance in her voice bounces off rapper G.L.A.M.'s assertive guest verse, further adding to the elastic nature of the album.

SuperGood i​s a sonic manifestation of patience, growth, and conviction. ​"This album has been years in the making. I had the title and the feel of it damn near since I started making music. But I did not feel I was in the right place mentally or creatively to make it what it deserved to be," says the South Central-native, "So personal growth, creative growth, community growth, and three solo projects later, I did it. We did it. Cause I didn't do this alone. I was surrounded by some amazing talent that the world should know. So it feels like fun. It feels like family."

Duckwrth's major label debut album is one big love song to feeling great: ​SuperGood ​revels in the joys and nuances of life, rejecting the gravitas of current events without straying into frivolity. We could all use a little of that infectious ease right about now.

Listen to SuperGood below: