DWY’s “BMX” Is the Ethereal Vibe We Need


Memories play a big part in all of our lives. South London's DWY recognizes that and wants to help us understand how big of a role memory plays in everything that we do. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist is ready to release his debut mixtape, 8-Bit Memories, in 2020. "The mixtape is intended to capture nostalgia in its many forms and make listeners see memories through a prism that's hazy, like an 8-bit Nintendo Gameboy", says DWY over the phone. "Over You", his first release from the project and a personal ode to moving on, has garnered over a million total streams to date. His second release from the project was the inarguably smooth, "Everytime I See You Again."

His journey to today wasn't a traditional one. Born in Florida, DWY moved to South London with his family by the time he turned four-years-old. Growing up in London, his parents had an eclectic taste in music that helped shape his ear and his love for the craft. When he was fifteen, he decided he wanted to write songs. Attending university at the age of 16, DWY spent most of his time writing songs and creating music instead of going to class. it definitely paid off because he landed his first publishing deal with BMG and began writing and collaborating with artists from everywhere.

Speaking on his transition from writer and collaborator to artist, DWY said:

"It took me a long time to be confident as a singer. I had a blueprint in my head though. I started writing more. It was a real turning point. The songs felt too personal for someone else to sing."

That brings us back to today and the release of his brand new single, "BMX." Tying back into the theme of 8-Bit Memories, "BMX" is a song about memories and how they never are as good or as bad as we remember. On the hook DWY sings "Riding on my BMX, friends are smoking cigarettes, too young to see my regrets, chasing that ooo la la la." When I talked to him, DWY said this hook was inspired by his youth and spending time with friends. The hook ends in ooo la la because he told me "everybody was chasing something but we didn't necessarily know exactly what it was at the time. So it was something different for everyone." The song is an ethereal trip to DWY's youth in South London over airy production.

DWY's debut project, 8-Bit Memories, will be out in early 2020 with an accompanying short film. Until then, stream "BMX" below: