Dylan Bernard’s “Higher” Is a Breathtaking Ode to Music Itself


At the age of four, Dylan Bernard's mother introduced him to a church choir not realizing what a profound effect it would have on her young child. Although he momentarily lost his passion for music shortly after his mother's passing, Bernard eventually reignited the flame and began posting popular covers on YouTube. Now, he is proud to present one of his favorite songs he has ever written: "Higher."

On "Higher," Dylan Bernard reflected,

"When I started to write 'Higher,' I knew that I wanted to write about something different. I was at a point where it felt like I was writing about love and relationships over and over again, and I wanted to write something a little more personal. I wanted to write a song that personified how I felt about music. Mark started playing melodies on the electric guitar and shared the opening lyrics to the song. After that, everything happened naturally and the song basically wrote itself."

Written by Bernard and Mark Otero, "Higher" features Bernard's impressive vocal range as he shifts between his breathtaking chest voice and a gorgeous falsetto. Bernard had been so accustomed to penning lyrics about romantic relationships, so he challenged himself by personifying his unique relationship with his musical craft. With an ever sensual touch, "Higher" has us searching for what truly brings us to absolute elation.

Bernard continued,

"This is one of my favorite songs that I've written and I'm really excited about it. I want listeners to put themselves in the song. For me, this song is about the way music and songwriting makes me feel, but this can be about anyone or anything that is special to you, and I think that is the really cool thing about music."

Bask in Dylan Bernard's beautiful stylings with "Higher" below: