Easy Life - “Pockets” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

Easy Life is music's answer to rainy days. The project of five swell lads out of Leicester, England, the band crafts music in the vein of Rex Orange County's sun-soaked musings with all optimistic poignancy of Chance The Rapper's gospel-rap. The otherworldly amalgamation of sounds and moods allow for Easy Life to skirt across a soundscape that is unequivocally blissful, in spite of dealing with a swell of distressing and sinking feelings heads on. It is musical escapism at its finest, transforming moments of hopelessness to utter euphoria.

We had the pleasure of having Easy Life brighten our day with a lively performance of their standout single "Pockets," and we could not help but share this pocket of sunshine with all of you. The song, which chronicles the struggle of being unable to pay month's rent and subsequently attempting to find joy in the pursuit of other vices, is brought to life in our latest "All Eyes On" showcase. And be sure to stick around after the rapturous performance, as we talk to the guys from Easy Life about how exactly they found that magical guitar in a potato field, thus launching their rise to stardom.

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