Ebon Lurks Continues to Shine in His Visual for “Drip Different” [PREMIERE]


Ebon Lurks is ready to cement his feet in the music world. The Tulsa, Oklahoma native has been making a lot of moves recently and he's begun to reap the benefits. Ebon has been making successful YouTube covers for years but most people were exposed to him when they saw his viral cover of Post Malone's "Congratulations" that he performed on Fox's singing competition, "The Four." Since then, he's released the Sorry I'm Late EP, toured the country, and has ingratiated himself with artists and fans everywhere.

Now, he's back with new music and a new video. "Drip Different" is his ode to individuality. Ebon had the below to say about his new song:

"Drip is another slang word for swag so on this record I wanted to make a statement by stating my drip is different. I've met a few music industry execs and A&R's a few years back who said I was dope but would tell me the direction of music i should go based on what was current. I listened and tried it but it didn't feel genuine. I also never wanted to compromise my art for relevancy, especially since i feel my tone would allow me to create more r&b/pop based records and cut through the crowd. So this song was more so letting everyone with an opinion know i'm here to stay for a long time because i've always been different. Stop talking and just listen to what i have to say. That's why the first line is "shut up and listen, all of you people, you clouded my vision". Now that i have their attention, i'll be able to get my point across through my music."

Watch the premiere of Ebon's "Drip" below.