Electronic Pop Duo X Lovers Yearns For Love in “Colder When It Rains” Video


Nor Cal best friend duo X Lovers have the "X Factor" that everyone in the world is seeking, and their natural talent shines through in their new single "Colder When It Rains." Their relaxed electronic sound has been in the making since London and Jacob, the masterminds behind X Lovers, created their first punk band together at the young age of ten. Through continuous collaborations throughout their teenage years, their sound has developed from punk to a very pleasant electronic indie-pop.

True to their name, X Lovers search for true love, but don't find it in the person that piques their interest, no matter how hard they look. On the inspiration of "Colder When It Rains," they shared,

"It's not specifically about an ex, 'cause I never dated the girl. But it's about someone I just really deeply cared about and kinda fucked up the relationship with. Definitely a love interest"

Looking to their inspirations, mainly Green Day and Kanye West, X Lovers harness the sad boy energy in this emotionally driven plead to "please come home." Their impassioned requests are embedded in electronically-laced vocals, portraying a desperate need to see their lover again. The touching lyrics throughout "Colder When It Rains" prove sincerity in the relationship, despite its failure in the past. All of this layered over a stunning melody creates this beautiful slow-burning jam.

The accompanying music video features lead singer London singing straight to the camera in a picturesque backyard, wearing a shirt that says "Oops!" His other half, Jacob, is featured playing guitar and dancing in a shirt reading "LIAR." 

Watch the new video below: