ella jane’s "Calling Card" Is a Song Three Years in the Making

It's not very often that a song can project a cinematic reel in your head. When a track is able to transport your mind to a certain time and create a certain scenario, it truly portrays the incredible writing ability that the artist holds. That's what ella jane illustrates in her brand new track "Calling Card," an energetic, cinematic piece that will undoubtedly demand your attention from start to finish.

Artists pull inspiration from just about anything. Whether it's other songs, artists, movies, paintings, or as the mundane happenings of any passing day. It's what makes the writing process so unique. "Calling Card" is a tracked inspired by various scenarios that occurred over the course of a few years. Combining completely different moments that left an impact on her life, jane melds them together to share one message - the most charming people are the ones with bad intentions.

"'Calling Card' was inspired by three things, respectively: the Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), the serial killer unit of my high school forensics class in which I learned the term 'calling card' (2020), and a boy who led me on during my freshman year of college (2021). I know three years is a long time to stick with an idea before finishing a song, but I think the reason I held onto it all that time was because I was so drawn to the concept of master manipulators and the way they work. The idea that people with bad intentions are often the most charming ones was so interesting to me, and it was really fun to explore in my writing," explains the artist.

From the hook to the catchy drive of the guitar, "Calling Card" is an instantaneous earworm. The bass carries the track in so many ways. Between the different variations we hear throughout the song, the bass acts as an anchor to keep the track grounded and steady sailing. An all around bop of a song, "Calling Card" could easily be the most impressive track jane has released to date.

Watch the "Calling Card" video below: