ella jane Displays a Quiet, Breathtaking Vulnerability on “Thief”


Photo: Jade Sadler

With each new single, ella jane continues to balance complex storytelling with angelic vocals, all while making it seem completely effortless. The talented New York singer-songwriter has deservingly been gaining momentum with a handful of singles, including "August Is a Fever," "nothing else i could do," and personal favorite "bored&blind." After signing to FADER, there's no sign jane is slowing down anytime soon, and her newest single "Thief" is undeniable proof. 

Relative to her previous work, "Thief" is her most stripped-back, intimate, and emotionally vulnerable single yet, allowing jane's writing and vocal performance to take center stage. The acoustic production by Del Water Gap provides a somber backdrop that perfectly matches jane's introspective songwriting. 

Only five songs into her catalogue and jane has already proven her songwriting consistency and complexity to the world. And still, "Thief" manages to shine a new light on jane, one of an artist whose self-reflective writing and versatility knows no bounds.

Listen to "Thief" below: