Elley Duhé’s Latest Single Is a Force of “Nature”


Photo: Lauren Dunn

From a small town miles away from Mobile, Alabama, Elley Duhé is making strides in the electropop world. With an already strong core audience, Duhé has a handful of tracks, such as "Tie Me Down" and the Zedd-assisted "Happy Now" already reaching hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify. No stranger to working alongside very accomplished producers, her newest release, "Nature," sees the rising songstress team up with the iconic Jon Bellion and Ojivolta to bring forward an exciting and tropical pop take. 

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The single opens with a series of thudding bass hits before welcoming in the distinct and precise vocals of Duhé. She does a masterful job completing each line with a smooth fading of her voice accompanied by an echoing reverb. The way each phrase melts away into the background adds layers to the track, drawing the listener in with each echo. Duhé incorporates a strong sense of passion, emphasizing phrases such as "gotta spin the tires" with a fiery delivery. 

As “Nature" approaches its closing moments, the production brings forward a brief bridge full of various percussions and robotic echoes of "nature" that will surely get the crowds moving along to each tropical shaker. In the final moments of the track, Duhé's backing vocals seem to take over as she soars over the melody line and gracefully sings dramatic harmonies.

The songwriting on the track welcomes the theme of following what is in one's core. As Duhé reflects on various echoes of "don't keep moving that way," she immediately responds with "but I can't it's in my blood, my bones, my brain."  This conflict highlights the manner in which gut feelings can sometimes override all sorts of logical reasoning and the inescapable force that is human nature.

Along with the release of "Nature," Duhé brings forward a music video highlighted by lush nature shots and pastel stills. With ivy branching into Duhé's room and flowers blossoming along her face, the audience is granted a view into the direct relationship of the artist and the natural roots of her being. The video also features glorious silhouettes and dramatic Saharan dance circles, all shot with a silky pastel frame that makes it a joy for the eyes to take in. In its entirety, the video furthers the passion of the single and beautifully creates a visual relationship between this sense of undeniable passion and human nature.

As a whole experience, Elley Duhé's "Nature" is a crisp blend of sound and experiences. The themes of human nature along with the beauty of the natural world coincide in a blissful way. The tropical roots in the production of the track juxtaposing the distinct and electro-pop based vocals of Duhé craft a welcomed sound her audience and fans of all kinds will be blasting for some time to come.

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