Elohim Enlists Skrillex for the Emotional Onslaught That Is “Buckets”


Alternative electronic artist Elohim first emerged onto the music scene in 2016 as an enigmatic figure, who, behind a series of animal masks, captivated audiences with a distinctive take electronic music. Now, following a slew of sold out headline shows, festival appearances at the likes of Coachella, Lollapalooza and more, a much-clamored about self-titled debut album, Elohim is facing 2019 unmasked and with an unrelenting driving force.

“Buckets,” her first release of 2019 follows the Skrillex-assisted “Connected.” And while “Buckets” continues Elohim’s collaborative affair with the infamous producer and DJ, the new single sees the two launching into an explosive, no-holds-barred emotional onslaught. Taking cues from the dark atmospheric production of trap, Elohim demonstrates an unprecedented versatility to deliver a showing that is, quite honestly, impossible to ignore. Shifting between a pop-minded opening verse where Elohim muses on the apparent beauty of the world before her, the two waste no time before diving headfirst into the emotional crux of “Buckets.”

Evoking the spirit of early Crystal Castles, Elohim bursts forth with an earth-shattering chorus backed by distorted, blow-out production that illustrates the true nature of “Buckets.” This is catharsis given musical form. Blurring the lines between electronic, pop, alternative, and screamo, the Elohim of 2019 makes it as clear as a day after rain that her artistic journey is one that is only beginning. Elohim spoke on the collaboration, sharing,

“2019 will be a year of unmasking, unveiling, and facing fears head on. ‘Buckets’ is the beginning. It is also the final installment of my collaborations with Skrillex. This piece is an emotional purge, a side of me I’ve never shared before. I am now ready… Are you?”

Listen to “Buckets” and the previous Skrillex collaboration “Connect” below: