emawk Sings of Self-Care and Hope in “tea”


Our generation's interest in the elusive concept of self-care is remarkable. It's just about the only thing all of us can collectively agree on, the desire and importance to take care of oneself. Be it facemasks or good takeout and a night in, how one embarks on the journey of self-care is personal. For emawk, self-care is any light little thing that can keep him going, and it manifests itself in a classic cup of "tea." 

The Boston-born, Kenya-raised artist is completely self-made. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, the young musician found his way to NYC where he's spent the past handful of years writing and producing his music. His production is particularly articulate, each high hat perfectly placed, creating intricate lo-fi instrumentals so strong they could stand on their own. But it's emawk's soothing yet textured earthy voice over said melodies that make his songs worth keeping on repeat. 

"tea" is emawks final release and a beautiful effort to blissfully close out the year. Brazen with acoustic riffs and careful gospel harmonic moments, "tea" is the ultimate indie-soul song to warm you up as the days grow colder. emawk spoke further on the new single, sharing, 

"'tea' makes me feel better about life in general, so I enjoyed writing about it. But the song isn’t just about tea. 'tea' in this case is also a metaphor for any simple thing that helps you deal with life’s ups and downs in a healthy way, and about doing your best to be hopeful in light of/in spite of how difficult things may be.“

Watch the video for 'tea' below and remember to make time to take care of yourself: