Let Emily Vu’s ‘Found’ EP Keep You Warm This Winter


With winter around the corner, the right playlist goes a long way in keeping your heads up and out of the winter feels. Luckily, Emily Vu just released Found, a heartwarming EP that is sure to keep your spirits soaked in sunshine this winter.

Vu is all smiles across her socials, including TikTok, through which she has built a committed fan base. This comes as no surprise, as the talented multi-instrumentalist spreads a sincere warmth and light, all while connecting and keeping it real with her followers. She did just that with the release of "Self Love," which Vu took as an opportunity to come out to her fans, as the song is "a reminder that it’s 100% perfectly okay to love yourself."

Prior to "Self Love," Vu released her debut EP Lost &, a project with an unresolving title and a final track that leaves you wanting more. Following "Self Love," Vu released the full EP, Found, completing the title and the sonic story while simultaneously reminding us the pivotal power of self-love in the process of finding ourselves.

With head-bobbing grooves and candid lyrics, each track on Found portrays Vu's bubbly yet honest disposition as her smooth voice sings the story of songs like "Changes," an empathic ode to embracing life and its sudden shifts. The sixth track on the EP, "Screen 2 Screen," is more in the lyrical world of worry, specifically the nervousness of meeting someone in person for the first time, after building a relationship over the phone. The song is accompanied by a pulsing bass, which fittingly mimics the heart-racing affect of that worry. 

Being joyous yet truthfully authentic is a delicate balance, yet it embodies Vu and her music at its core. Though the clouds are queuing the onset of colder days, we have Vu's radiant new EP, Found, on queue, as it is sure to keep us all warm this winter.

Listen to Found below: