Emotional Oranges Concludes 3-Part Love Story in “Hold You Back”

A rising R&B duo from Los Angeles, Emotional Oranges is ready to take on the indie scene with their dreamy new single, "Hold You Back." Even though they've only just embarked on their musical journey last year, Emotional Oranges will definitely be catching the airwaves of countless playlists soon enough.

Having already racked up millions of streams on their first two releases, Emotional Oranges will take you on a transcendental journey through the frustration of lost loves in "Hold You Back." The soulful R&B track features refreshingly organic vocals layered with pulsing electronics and a haunting string arrangement in the final bar. With lustful elements of trip-hop, "Hold You Back" is a smooth sonic narration of a woman who unintentionally falls in love with a man whom she eventually leaves for another woman.

Emotional Oranges shared, 

"We wanted to make something more relaxed that still maintained the groove we've established with our first two songs. We were inspired by the guitars on Sade's 'No Ordinary Love' all the way over to the drum beat on Drake's 'Just Hold On, We're Going Home.'"

Although their captivating lyricism already deeply resonates with listeners, Emotional Oranges treats us to an accompanying music video for "Hold You Back." As a matter of fact, "Hold You Back" is the final component of a three part visual series for the artistic duo. As a follow up to "Motion" and "Personal," the "Hold You Back" video depicts a budding romance between two women who are absolutely at a loss for words for one another.

Touching on the "Hold You Back" music video, the duo explained, 

"The muse character was seducing her man in 'Motion' just looking for something temporary, ended up taking it 'Personal,' and falling for him. After things didn't work out, she got tired of dealing with the same drama and left him for a girl in 'Hold You Back,' which concludes the series."

Listen to Emotional Oranges' whimsical "Hold You Back" below: