Emotional Oranges’ “The Juice, Vol. II” is a Peel-Worthy Continuation of Stylistic Growth


Photo by Jesse Koch

Ever since their breakout release, The Juice, Vol. I, the enigmatic R&B-pop group Emotional Oranges has been cultivating quite the name for themselves despite their ambiguous aesthetic. The Los Angeles based collective has experienced one of the biggest ascends of the year since their debut. This year they completed their first sold-out world tour and amassed over 60 million global streams along the way. Now just six months later, the group continues their momentum with the recent drop of The Juice, Vol. II. Serving as a freshly squeezed continuation to its ultramodern, bluesy predecessor, this project maintains the group's signature blend of pop-inspired, sultry R&B while also flirting with 80's jazz styles and funky cadences.

Emo and V, the pseudonymous names for the duo explain that "Vol. II’ embodies growth. We’ve learned to trust our instincts. Performing live helped open our eyes to experimenting with different grooves and rhythms. We really challenged ourselves during the writing process; more vulnerability, more intention. People always ask about our identities, but if you listen to these songs, you know us better than anyone."

Compiled into an eight-track deliverable, The Juice, Vol. II serves as a testament to Emotional Oranges' growth and exploration since their 2019 breakout season, paying specific attention to the refinement of their audio engineering and vocal talents with increased self-awareness and intention. Such carefulness is noticeable on standout tracks like "Iconic" and "West Coast Love." Deliberately arranged beside each other on the track-list, the progression from synth-heavy "Iconic" to the softly strummed, laid-back vibe of "West Coast Love" encompass Emotional Oranges' intended progression towards melodic advancement and stylistic complexity since their first project.

The Juice, Vol. II brings an impressive, unparalleled freshness to the ever-expanding category of R&B.    

Make sure to catch Emotional Oranges live at the Best Life Music Festival on December 8th in Miami, Florida.

Until then, peel back the layers to their ambiguity and stream The Juice, Vol. II below: