Empty Glass? Pour Yourself Some milk.


Emerging from the cobblestone streets of Dublin comes an earring-wearing, sweater-sporting foursome titled milk. They're putting the alt back into pop with their newest single "You&I," and you should get familiar. 

"You&I" takes the best of R&B and pulls it in to create what can only be described in words as a complete vibe. Lead Mark Mckenna's vocals are both sensual and textured as they glide over rockstar-esque guitar moments and pastel production. The overtly sincere and catchy chorus is an added bonus. 

milk's gone right for our heart strings with this track using their earnest songwriting skills to take aim. Discussing the new release the band shared, “We wanted to write a song about long-distance relationships - relationships without sex. 'You&I' felt like the most human way to approach the subject, while the instrumental is "sexy,” the lyrics are very honest and almost pathetic at times.“

Listen to "You&I" below!