ericdoa Dives Headfirst Into Angst and Confidence in “back n forth”

ericdoa's musical revolution embraces the nostalgic emotions of infatuation, love, rebellion, and youth. With tracks like "fuck this town" and "fantasize" garnering attention from Lyrical Lemonade, UPROXX, Pitchfork, and more, this 18-year-old artist and producer is paving his own way through multigenre hits. ericdoa's electric and pop persuasion is heightened in his most recent track, "back n forth."

Released via Listen to the Kids / Interscope Records, "back n forth" contrasts ericdoa's past releases with a distinctive air of angst, dismissive attraction, and unshakable confidence. Layered with upbeat, melodic pulses, listeners can feel the purpose of each line and appreciate the surging, propellant undercurrent. ericdoa opens the song with the lines, "You look like you need someone / You think I’m falling for you, so what? / You’re just another pretty girl, who wanna travel the world / Don’t want no diamonds and pearls." Although the assumed arrogance could be interpreted as tenacity, the introduction outlines the tone of the track and draws listeners in.

ericdoa continues his aggressive songwriting with the lyrics, "You can’t ever hurt me / Boy, you don’t deserve me / Turn around and do you dirty / No, I can’t show you mercy / No, you can’t hang with your friends / You stuck with me ‘til the end / I fucking hate all your men / Is it so hard to pretend?" This instinctive and direct call-out brings a notable intensity to ericdoa's frustrations, as he carves out a relatability to be found in his own resentment.

Although just 18, ericdoa is curating a powerful stance in music as one of the young artists championing a new, brash, and infectious wave pop, and "back n forth" carries that mission with dynamic and fearless energy.

Listen to "back n forth" below: