filous and Ashe Call Out Hook-Up Culture In “Monday”


Photo Credit: Marcella Ruiz Cruz

At a young age, Matthias Oldofredi suspected his musical talent deep within his soul so he began familiarizing himself with dozens of instruments, which led to creating his current moniker: filous. Now 22 years old, filous is a homegrown producer who has even remixed A R I Z O N A's latest refreshing single, "Nostalgic." The Austrian mastermind now adds to his repertoire an optimistic tune titled "Monday," which features Ones To Watch darling Ashe.

In anticipation of her upcoming 'Ashe: Mom's First Headline Tour' (presented by yours truly), the California native lent her stunning vocals to filous' otherworldly production skills to deliver "Monday." A charming song taking a stand against hook up culture, "Monday" is drenched with shimmery guitars layered on Ashe's comforting vocals. Considering how this precious collab turned out, we're so glad filous and Ashe finally joined forces as two rising talents of our generation.

On "Monday," filous reflected,

"'Monday' started on the last day at a friend's writing camp in Italy. It was a really sunny day so we thought we'd set up a studio outside in the garden overlooking vineyards. Earlier while I was on a walk, I'd had the idea of writing a song about finding someone you want to get to know beyond the weekend. So we started the session with the line 'I want to see you on a Monday' in mind. It's super special to me to be releasing this song with Ashe, as I have been a big fan of her music for so long and have always wanted to collaborate with her."

Treat yourself to the heartwarming stylings of filous and Ashe below:

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