FINNEAS Relives Heartbreak in Cinematic “Break My Heart Again” Video


Being the hopeless romantic he is, 21-year-old FINNEAS is no stranger to broken hearts. It's inevitable that we all experience complete heartbreak as we take daring risks with who we trust with our precious hearts, but FINNEAS assures us that we're not alone. The critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter from Los Angeles is now letting us see a more unguarded side to himself with the emotional "Break My Heart Again" video.

Reflecting on a past relationship that led him to feeling hopeless, FINNEAS suggests that miscommunication is what ultimately caused its downfall. With delicate pianos and FINNEAS' passionate vocals, "Break My Heart Again" evokes a sense of serenity and vulnerability. By the end of "Break My Heart Again," FINNEAS is left disoriented and dazed as the dramatic piano fades to silence.

Although "Break My Heart Again" was originally released in 2018, FINNEAS has just unveiled the accompanying music video for this heartfelt ballad. Directed by Sam Bennett, the "Break My Heart Again" visual differs from the "New Girl" music video as it is an impressive one-take shot of FINNEAS in a single spotlight as he belts the melancholic lyrics. In a stimulating black-and-white fashion, FINNEAS is seen pulling his shirt over his head and crooning in agony.

Experience FINNEAS' heartbreak in the cinematic "Break My Heart Again" video below:

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