All FRENSHIP and Lauren Sanderson Want You to Do Is “Try”


We are always rightfully meriting effort. Life is too random and timing too circumstantial to get it right every time. FRENSHIP do many things very well: great hair, great hooks, and a palpable, pure love for life that prevails in their version of genre-blending pop. 

First known for their large choruses that provide a strong bedrock for guest vocalists, they have melded their sound to be more inclusive of tempo and tone, and "Try" is a perfect example of their cogent craft. Marked by a crescendoing melody, pulsing drum-laden beat, and energetic bassline, this is a patented tune in all respects. All that provides a perfect foundation for Lauren Sanderson (our long loved OTW spirit animal) to lay her distinctive staccato lyrics, whether it be belting out in the chorus or going all-in on the bridge. 

The infectious vibes are amusingly conveyed in the video accompaniment, a proper romp in the park at dusk, a deliberately DIY vibe that coneys all the energy and personality of the participants and the song without the unbecoming "trying" affectation. If you need a boost of fall energy, keep spinning this single.

Watch the "Try" video below: