gabriel black Unveils LSD-Fueled Simp Anthem “batman”


What started as an anonymous cartoon character, a simple embodiment of a musical artist who didn't feel the need to begin his career with a certain look, brand, or crazy social presence, has quickly turned into a skyrocketing career. As a singer-songwriter, gabriel black has flourished into an incredible artist who has been taking major strides to becoming a genre-bending composer. In his latest release, "batman," he continues on that impressive trajectory.

Coming off his first single of the year, "king of the nosebleeds", gabriel black seems to be taking a leap in another direction with his psychotomimetic self-declared "simp anthem." Co-produced by Grammy award winners Tyler Johnson and Dan Farber, alongside hip-hop powerhouse Bighead, the track takes a wild ride into a dream-like trance of imagination. With certain creative steps, gabriel black explains the steps it took to become one of his most unique tracks to date.

“I was up in the woods with Dan (Farber). We had been microdosing LSD for the last week and he started playing this fire baseline. It's a new sound/feeling for me - he kind of had to convince me to mess with it 'cuz it was slightly out of my comfort zone, but when I did, it just came out the exact way it is on the final record. ‘batman’ is a fun 'simp' anthem about what happens when you fall hard for somebody and want to be everything for them - their superhero. But, in that process you end up taking it too far which can become toxic.”

Breaking genre barriers, gabriel black takes a simple story and creates a full-on motion picture through intricate writing, vivid tones, and lucid soundscapes. His vocal effects, which usually would seem out of place in any other instance, seem to perfectly fall in place with the distorted instrumentations surrounding them. With careful precision and thoughtful writing, it's without a doubt gabriel black has an amplitude of diverse new music coming our way.

Listen to "batman" below: