Gavin Haley and Yung Pinch Team Up to Deliver a Dose of Summertime in “Tati” [Premiere]


It's hard to define the phrase "it's a vibe." The expression encapsulates a feeling that people either understand or don't. Well, my new way of explaining what "it's a vibe" means is playing Gavin Haley and Yung Pinch's melodic, feel-good new single, "Tati."

Haley is a Louisville, Kentucky-born pop singer-songwriter with an ear for tastefully simple melodies. Yung Pinch, born Blake Sandoval, is a rapper and singer from Huntington Beach, California, whose hometown influenced his laidback sound and lyrical references to life by the ocean. 

The collaboration between the two has prompted the creation of an anthemic pop tune that embodies the carefree blissfulness of summer. With everything currently going on in the world, we could use a bit of extra sunshine, even if it's beaming through our speakers. Haley spoke on bringing "Tati" to life with Yung Pinch, sharing,

"I was in Nashville writing with some homies and this song just happened. When Pinch sent his verse back, I think I listened like 11 times in a row. His flow is so smooth and it really brought this one together for me. I don’t think I’ve ever made something that makes you wanna move like this. That feeling of being in love and everything is easy… at least for a little bit. 'Tati' is for the good times."

The sentiment was echoed by Yung Pinch, who added,

"I remember the first time I heard the song I already knew what I wanted to do on it. It just came naturally because the song was already so good without me. Everyone has met a 'Tati' at least once in their life."

With nostalgic production elements, the chorus is driven by Haley's vocals singing, "There this girl called Tati / I love the way she move in the night yea / There's this girl from the valley / I feel like this could last for a lifetime." Whether the song was actually written about a girl named Tati from the valley, we're not sure. But there is one thing we are sure of - the undeniably catchy chorus will likely get stuck in your head. 

If you're struggling to understand what people mean when they say, "it's a vibe," listen to Haley and Yung Pinch's buoyant new single, "Tati." Because it really is a vibe. 

Listen to "Tati" below: