Get Comfy & Enjoy Joseph Nevels’ “Safe”


As he sat in the back of his law school classes, Joseph Nevels was feverishly taking down two sets of notes - one from his professor and the other from his mind. Now the law school grad turned lyricist is taking time to focus on his music. And with a co-sign from Pharrell, things are looking up for him. . 

His latest tune, "Safe," arrives as a soulful late summer mood that captures the longing for security and assurance of something. Nevels speaks on the song, "it just speaks to the fact that one thing everyone seeks is safety." Ethereal echoes surround Nevels' falsettos as he glides over his own blissful creation. Listening to "Safe" will take you on a journey to a place where the most uneasy of minds can find a bit of peace in the ever changing craziness of our modern world. Nevels' elaborated, 

"Initially I wrote the song several months back from a perspective of how we want to feel safe emotionally, but it’s taken on multiple additional meanings with the current events taking place."

Listen to "Safe" below: