Get Trapped in BENEE’s Web of Indie-Pop Goodness With “Evil Spider”


After celebrating the lovable "Soaked," 19-year-old BENEE strikes once again with even more irresistible indie-pop goodness that secures herself as our ultimate current obsession. Although BENEE started off by releasing GarageBand covers on Soundcloud, the New Zealander eventually found herself writing and recording in professional studios that pushed her to pursue music full time. Ahead of her highly-anticipated debut EP (set for release on June 28), BENEE is spoiling us with her charming personality and enthusiastic melodies in "Evil Spider."

Playful bass lines and bubbly guitars are just a scratch of the signature sound that BENEE has crafted over the years. Contrary to the cheerful instrumentals, "Evil Spider" sees BENEE embodying a spider that sneakily captures its victims one by one as it devises the next attack. The ebullient synths in "Evil Spider" are just too good to pass up, so we highly recommend adding BENEE to your playlists before her promising career takes off overnight.

On "Evil Spider," BENEE shared,

"'Evil Spider' is about wanting someone that's already taken. When writing the song, I didn't wanna make the lyrics too obviously evil, so I thought I'd turn myself into the spider, make it a lil lighter and making the song revolve around me weaving webs to lure the person, catch 'em like a spider, then reel them in. I remember humming 'Incy Wincy Spider' in the studio, which inspired the playful vibe of the song. I had a wee guitar melody in an earlier version that followed the nursery rhyme, which didn't end up making the cut."

Get trapped in BENEE's web of indie-pop goodness with "Evil Spider" below: