Gianni Lee Brings the Philly Bounce to Evocative Club Banger “Switch” [Premiere]


Photo: Renell Madrano

Multi-disciplinary musician Gianni Lee is making sure Philly will never be forgotten. For his latest release, "Switch," the artist enlists two other Philly creatives, Andrea Valle and Tunji Ige, for this expressive new track. Boasting three of the brightest rising talents from the East Coast, we're hyped to give you an early listen of "Switch," which will be available everywhere tomorrow.

Lee provides enlightenment on his latest track saying, "'Switch' is the timeless tale of someone tapping into their vulnerability to understand the implications and damage of their actions. It's all about accountability… and who decides to take accountability when the shoe is on the other foot." 

“Switch" is an interesting contrast to the current conversations surrounding dating and situationships. While the West Elm Calebs of the world become the main character, it's clear that people crave more humanity and honesty, regardless of the casualness of the situation or situationship. Although many of us have come to expect this kind of behavior, Valle expresses her sentiments succinctly in the first two lines, "If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that / Saying things that weren't true, you wouldn't like that.”

While the majority of the track boasts a classically smooth R&B feel, a tempo switch-up comes in at around the one-minute mark with Ige's verse. The unpredictable Philly club twist brings it to the next level and makes it perfectly party-ready, with Ige introducing his own bouncy bars to the track.

You can definitely hear Lee paying homage to his East Coast club exemplars throughout his production. He expresses, "Musically I think 'Switch' allowed me to be more free but also shows my development as a producer to use my influences in dance music. I grew up on dance music from my mother’s influences in house music, or me developing my sound while being inspired alongside the likes of DJ Sliink, Nadus, and Swizzymack." He adds, "My early introductions to dance music helped shape my palette and it's always dance elements (Club, Baile, & more) that I go back to when making my music… I want people to move, even when they are standing still.“

Take your first listen of "Switch" vis its trippy visualizer below: