Ginette Claudette Is On To Something with Alluring “Slow Up” Video [PREMIERE]

Ginette Claudette dropped jaws with her project On To Something in Nov. 2018, grinding deep into her ‘90s R&B influences to produce a hard-hitting collection of songs. Hot on the tails of On To Something, Claudette is back with a sultry music video for her song “Slow Up,” further establishing herself as one to watch in the R&B realm. Hailing from Washington Heights, New York, Claudette gets her passion for music from her mother, a singer from the Dominican Republic. 

Claudette draws influence from the classics in the genre, think Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige, penning effortless vocal layers and emotional lyrics over jazz chords. She has worked with iconic producers, from Rico Love to Babyface, not to mention touring with the global sensation Far East Movement. Her latest video is a sensory explosion, pushing her artistry to a whole new level.

“Slow Up” has all the classic elements of a buzzy music video, yet still manages to feel fresh. It starts off with sultry shots backlit by green neon lights, soon to be met by footage of a party, expensive cars, a warehouse dance scene—the works. Claudette’s dancing combined with her unwavering stage presence is magnetic. She’s the girl at a party who is too cool to talk to but impossible to ignore. 

Claudette commented on the vibe of the video,

“It’s no secret a lot of my influence comes from ‘90s R&B. It’s an era I love. I wanted to bring that vibe and aesthetic to this video by drawing from some of my favorite R&B and hip hop artists. ‘Slow Up’ has such a gritty vibe. Ugly face all day when you hear it! It’s got a future/past thing going on, so there’s something for everyone.”

Ginette Claudette maintains strong ties to her inspirations in music, which allows her to build on the classic R&B sound to create something completely her own. Enjoy the video for “Slow Up” and stay tuned for more from the young songstress; we think she might be on to something.