girl in red’s “watch you sleep.” Is a Lovely, Intimate Lullaby


Photo: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

There is an innate wonder to girl in red's heavenly brand of dream pop. It is not a sense of wonderment achieved by complex, intricately put-together musical structure or instrumentation but is brought about the way in which she captures the most intimate of moments in the most serene light. It is the sort of music that would soundtrack your first true love. The sentiment feels especially true of her latest ethereal track, "watch you sleep.."

Admittedly, the idea of people watching me sleep ranks high among my long-running list of anxieties, but girl in red makes it sound like a dream come true. The irresistibly sweet love song is akin to a beautifully-framed memory of resounding happiness. Scoring the waking hours of morning, girl in red softly sings of wishing to stay frozen in a perfect moment in time. "I don't ever wanna leave/ I'll watch you sleep/ And listen to you breathe/ I don't ever wanna leave," the lyrics flow forth like a wholesome wish conjured into existence by young love.

From an immediate glance, "watch you sleep." is as simple a love song as they come, but there is an unquestionable depth to the way in which girl in red. transforms simplicity into something universal. Hinting at a profound emotional connection, girl in red coos, "I never get/ Bored of looking at you/ Cause every time/ I see something new/ Like the scar on your spine." In girl in red's music, noticing your partner has a scar for the first time takes on air of grandeur. It worships these simple realizations, reveling in every distinctive facet that makes young love such a timeless subject of fascination.

Listen to "watch you sleep." below:

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