Girl Ultra Is Everything Contemporary R&B and Your Playlist Needs

Photo: Finesse Records

Music is the one thing that unites humanity. As the great Stevie Wonder once sang, "It's the language that's understood by people everywhere." With this in mind, you would think the representation of what is consumed on the charts would be more expansive than it has been historically. And with the introduction of streaming and greater access to programs that allow one to create music practically anywhere, bedroom or home studio, this idea of global representation on the Billboard charts seems less and less like a far-off daydream.

Yet, as the global spread of creation surges, a few of the world's major players remain underrepresented. Mexico, which has long been a hub of culture through sports, cuisine, and gorgeous vacation destinations, is looking to get in on the action. With first-generation Mexican-American artists bursting on the scene - Cuco and Los Retros readily come to mind - the wheel has started turning and shows no signs of slowing down. 

From the heart and soul of Mexico City, Mexico there is a girl who is producing some of the most innovative and smooth R&B we have heard in quite some time. She goes by Girl Ultra. Girl Ultra delivers all of her tracks in Spanish, a very refreshing twist to the genre that is matched perfectly by bouncy production and choruses that play out like a siren's call. 

Musically, Girl Ultra never fails to hit her target, delivering a deluge of sonic moments that are diverse, infectious, and enjoyable. All you need to do is take one listen to the Little Jesus - assisted "Fuera de Lugar," to fall under Girl Ultra's spell.

The ability to progress the genre of R&B is what makes the potential of Girl Ultra so thrilling. Blending together elements of traditional R&B with Latin music and contemporary indie, the outcome is countless tracks listeners will be playing through on repeat. 

Beyond the music, Girl Ultra becomes all the more exciting as an up-and-coming artist. The girl behind the music is Mariana de Miguel, and her goal is much larger than making hits. De Miguel is hoping to change the world and give Mexico what it has lacked for so long. She wants Mexico to have their Beyoncé, and she thinks it could be her. De Miguel told the Pacific Standard, she hopes to "revitalize Mexico's entire music scene," and with the caliber of music she is making, she definitely has a shot.

Girl Ultra, the artist, and Mariana de Miguel, the person, are not the same entity. De Miguel describes the Girl Ultra character as what comes out when she performs, an extroverted heroine. Under the alias, she recently released a single titled, "Ruleta." This track is an insane mix of your favorite '90s diva, the new jack swing era of late '80s R&B, and some heavy contemporary Latin influences. It is a track that practically invites you to the dancefloor. 

Girl Ultra also delivers a memorable performance with dreamy vocals and a falsetto that will have you falling in love. Whether or not you know what "baila la suerte" means, you will definitely be dancing during the bridge. With so much promise and such massive goals, Girl Ultra is the perfect addition to your daily R&B rotation.