Giveon’s ‘When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time’ Demands Your Full Attention


Nowadays, we are used to listening to new music in passing - while driving, working out, or multi-tasking in some way. But every now and again, we encounter those albums that remind us the value of slowing down and listening to a project with our full attention. Giveon's deluxe album, When It's All Said And Done… Take Time is one such project. Guided by his buttery baritone voice, the album is a marriage of Giveon's first two EP's, completed with the gift of a brand new song. 

"Beach" kicks off the album with a recording of Giveon's mother expressing her concern, "I don’t know if it was fireworks or gunshots but the birds is in the air," as he sings, "Your mama warned you ‘bout 562 / To tell you the truth / she ain’t lyin’ to you" in reference to the "Lust, guns, drugs, violence" in Long beach, where he grew up. Next in the queue is "World We Created," featuring beautiful descending chords that will raise your spirits with every half step down, especially once the horns enter the fray. 

Every song on the album reflects Giveon's polished pen, especially "This Ain't Love," which starts with the powerful line, "Don’t you say you love, love, love me / Just to make it even," along with an infectious beat, all embellished with major to minor switches that will be sure to strike a chord. "Vanish" exists in this same vein. Set by the ethereal sound of water falling and a vocal melody that will have your heart drowning in the lyrics, "I say, 'I hate you, too, and I wish you would vanish' / But, babe, I love you and I think you understand it," reflecting the things we spew out in the moment but don't truly mean at all.

The deluxe album also includes some of the classics that put Giveon's velvety vocals on the map, including the longing sound of "Heartbreak Anniversary," his remarkable TV debut song, "Stuck On You," and "Like I Want You," in which Giveon explains he "can't make a scene" or act on his emotions, so he makes one with his belting vocals instead. 

Finishing off the album is Giveon's charming new song, "All To Me," with a swaying drum groove, gentle violin and piano tugs, and his tranquil timbre singing, "Oh, he still don’t make you feel beautiful / I know, but I do, just know I got you." 

With so many distractions, it is more difficult than ever to sit and listen to a project top to bottom; however, as evident through Giveon's powerful performance, When It's All Said And Done…Take Time demands your full undivided attention.

Listen to When It's All Said And Done…Take Time below: