glaive Cements Himself as Hyperpop’s Next Star With “eyesore”


Photo: Clark Hodgin

2020 has been a year of well… a lot - some good, mostly bad. Thankfully, glaive, who just came across our radar this week is one of the best things 2020 has introduced us to so far. The 15-year-old North Carolina artist, who is already being heralded as the future of hyperpop, has spent the better part of the year releasing impressive single after single, with "eyesore" arriving as his best to date.

"eyesore" marks glaive's eighth single of the year, the first taste of his debut EP, Cypress Grove, as well as his major label debut via Interscope Records. Despite clocking in just at over two minutes, glaive's latest offering hardly feels bite-sized. Blending an infectious melodic precision with forward-thinking production, the tale of self-loathing hits all the right notes without ever letting up during its succinct yet impactful run.

Mirroring the frenzied rush of one's mind and heart in the midst of a manic episode, "eyesore" embodies its creator intent to a perfect T. Aiming to capture the feeling of being a teenager wanting to simply disappear from the judgmental glare of the world, "eyesore" balances its driving production with sentimental, mile-a-minute lyrical confessionals. The effect is a track that feels hopefully optimistic in defiance of its melancholic undertones.  

Tracking glaive's 2020 by songs, from his debut single "life is pain" to "eyesore," one begins to form a fuller picture of his undeniable promise and potential. It is a picture of an artist unafraid to take risks, experiment wildly and boldly, and most of all it feels like the beginning of a truly exciting discography.

Listen to "eyesore" below: