Gnash Joins Loote for Impassioned Bop, “85%”


Uniting both coasts, New York-based pop duo Loote has teamed up with Los Angeles rapper Gnash to create pop perfection in "85%." Loote, comprised of Emma Lov and Jackson Foote, met in college during producer Carl Sturken's songwriting class. The two hit it off immediately and continued to produce their personal music together outside of the classroom. The duo has not only been hard at work making their own music, but also are the minds behind many of today's hit songs, including Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato's "No Promises." Racking up over 250 million streams to date, they have self-titled their work as "cry jams," which blends perfectly with Gnash's relaxed rap vibe.

While the title may suggest otherwise, Loote and Gnash poured 100% into this song. This stunning song was written and produced by Loote, as is most of their discography. "85%" is special because it is their first real vocal duet on a track, introducing a fresh sound from the duo. Their catchy melody, passionate lyrics, and flawless vocals craft this impeccable track. 

Loote and Gnash speak of the trials in a relationship when one person isn't putting all their effort into making it work. Throughout the song, Loote repeats "I should really use my head, instead of thinking with my chest," as if convincing themselves to start listening to their own advice instead of falling into old habits. Gnash's mission of making people feel better is carried out in this emotional song by giving fans the communal feeling that they aren't the only ones putting everything into a relationship that isn't returning the favor.  

Listen to this heartfelt song down below :