Golden Daze Praises Brotherhood with “Took A Fall” [PREMIERE]

Comprised of Jacob Loeb and Ben Schwab, Los Angeles-based indie outfit Golden Daze is treating us to an exclusive first look at their new music video for "Took A Fall," which will be featured on their forthcoming full-length record, Simpatico. A long-awaited follow up to their 2016 debut self-titled album, Simpatico explores the special brotherhood the duo shares as they've been close friends and musical counterparts since 2013. Although Golden Daze (formally known as Golden Days) initially began their journey with a toned-down acoustic styling, their debut self-titled saw otherwise - incorporating electric guitars and driving drones. Now Loeb and Schwab are revisiting their sonic roots and experimenting with a pleasing fusion of dreamy folk and upbeat indie elements in Simpatico.

The compelling fourth track of Simpatico, "Took A Fall" represents the valuable bondage between Loeb and Schwab as they continue to learn and grow as individuals. Recorded in Big Bear, California, "Took A Fall" is sung by both vocalists entirely in unison and layered with folky guitars and rhythmic percussion. The accompanying music video for "Took A Fall" showcases a daring artistic choice with a split screen and a black background. Immediately after the title card, we see Loeb and Schwab in distinct locations: an industrial city and an eco-friendly countryside, respectively. Both subjects are gazing into the camera lens and singing the melancholic lyrics, but the two never seem to meet on-screen. This physical separation of Golden Daze's masterminds suggests that although they may not always be on the same page for everything, they power through their differences and overcome every obstacle thrown their way.

Golden Daze exclusively shared with Ones To Watch:

"To us, the song is kind of the centerpiece of the record - we wrote it while recording in Big Bear. It came together in less than a day. We definitely spent a while sculpting the arrangement but the lyrics, melodies, and chords all kind of poured out. A lot of thoughts and feelings that had been built up, lying dormant were finally set free. It was vulnerable to record because we were more or less singing about our friendship while the other was, like, two feet away. Every deliberation - lyrically, melodically, instrumentally - kind of represented something bigger. The subject was so personal to both of us and at the same time uniquely ours. It felt empowering to sing about that. Like when the party is over and shit gets kind of real in life, how do you reconcile that when your identity is closely tied to someone who is going through their own growths and dealing with their own pain."

If you live in Los Angeles, Golden Daze invites you to join them at Non Plus Ultra to celebrate the Simpatico album release on Feb. 15. 

Follow the juxtaposed narratives of Golden Daze in "Took A Fall" below: