Goldroom’s “Guess I’m Jaded” is an Anthem For Anyone Who’s Just Simply Over it.

Goldroom's new single "Guess I'm Jaded" is the perfect song to dance to… alone. Although social anxiety currently feels like a distant memory, this track will seamlessly bring you back to that overwhelmed mental space, making you actually glad to be staying home. Featuring the three-piece indie-electronic group Moontower, "Guess I'm Jaded" is an anthem for anyone who's just simply over it.

Ironically, the song is a party in itself. With influences of French House and '70s funk, it's nearly impossible to sit still while you listen. The groovy bass-line, steady beat, and layered vocals practically beg you to get up and move. The production perfectly encapsulates the feeling of summer by simulating the ocean, drawing you in and pushing you out in sonic waves. Even when discussing a frustrating situation, the lyrics are humorous and relatable, including stand-out lines such as "my girl has four cats and a Sonos speaker system, so why am I heading to the Westside?" 

"Guess I'm Jaded" is the result of Goldroom's last writing session before quarantine. The singer-producer says this of writing with Moontower,

"Ironically we decided to write a song about being jaded with going out to parties, which has slowly given the song about six new layers of meaning over the intervening months. I can remember the looseness and fun of that session though. It feels both like yesterday and like 2 years ago, the five of us in a cramped room, singing about packed parties and wishing to get some time to spend alone with loved ones."

Careful what you wish for…“ Stream "Guess I'm Jaded" Below: