goodboy noah Delivers a Sensual Pop-R&B Stunner With “Hit N’ Run”


Photo: Stefanie Moser

goodboy noah has wooed us again with the release of his latest single, "Hit N' Run." The rising Los Angeles-based pop and R&B-influenced artist has been making waves across TikTok with his comedic, parody-style music videos.

From writing songs while doodling cartoon animals to singing about eating chips, goodboy noah has accumulated quite the following. TikTok is great for a number of reasons but views and reactions on the platform don't always translate to streams as an artist. goodboy noah, however, has a fanbase that is just as excited for his original music as they are for his unique brand of satire.

Upon first listen of his single "Hit N' Run," you are hit with the irresistibly smooth production and sultry lyrics, but listen closer and you'll find the earworm R&B melodies accompanied by tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The comedic elements of the single are showcased in the music video, which was released today and that I had the honor of starring in as the mermaid goodboy noah falls in love with.

Before shooting began, I had never heard the single. It wasn't until I was dressed head to toe as a mermaid, being pulled around in a wagon on the Santa Monica Pier that the meaning of the song hit me. Only goodboy noah can create a sensual love song essentially about "hitting and running," a phrase that does not sound romantic in the slightest unless its paired with smooth R&B melodies and goodboy noah's effortless yet alluring vocals.

Watch the Quentin Franco and Dan Henig-directed video "Hit N' Run" video below: