Grace Carter Guards Herself In Impassioned “Don’t Hurt Like It Used To”


Grace Carter's voice speaks for itself. It transcends generations, drawing comparisons to her inspirations Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone. It tells her harrowing stories of overcoming an absentee father and her journey of moving on and growing from that experience. Carter found songwriting to be her therapeutic escape from reality, her little letters on life. These letters grew into beautifully heart-wrenching songs written from a painfully honest place, hidden deep in her memory.

Her latest single, "Don't Hurt Like it Used To," tells the story of Carter growing unresponsive to her father's constant mistreatment. Carter finds self-preservation in becoming completely numb, with a heart turned to stone. There is something so refined about Carter's songwriting – we feel her numbness from the repeated trauma and the exhaustion from hearing him "go on and on and on." The melody backs up her message, rising with Carter's powerful voice, then suddenly dropping. 

Get sucked into Carter's guarded world of pain in "Don't Hurt Like It Used To" here:

Be sure to hear "Don't Hurt Like It Used To" and many more gut-wrenchingly painful, yet gorgeous, songs when Carter goes on tour with our favorite big fat sexy jungle cat, Lewis Capaldi, at the end of the year. Grab that box of tissues because you will definitely be in for a night of traumatic love, loss, and insanely powerful voices. Dates can be found below: