Gracie Abrams’ “Stay” Video Is the Perfect Home Movie


Photo: Vine M. Aung

Today sees Gracie Abrams debuting the music video for her breakup ballad, "Stay." Released in November of last year, "Stay" was quickly recognized for its dreamy melody and softly-vocalized lyrics by popular music outlets including Complex and Idolator.

In "Stay," Abrams writes to an ex about wishing she could have another chance to go back to the way things were, even if only for one night. She pens, "If I woke up with you in the morning / I'd forget all the ways that we're broken / I don't care if you've changed / I don't even have to stay." Throughout the rest of the song, she perfectly romanticizes the pain of losing someone you love, from the inability to look them in the eye when things are falling apart to missing their family as much as you miss them.

The music video for "Stay" complements Abrams' words, tone, and signature soft grunge aesthetic. The video is a montage of grainy footage and polaroid photos captured around Los Angeles, focused mainly on Abrams herself. It showcases the moments that help you get over someone: the late nights with friends, getting thoughts out of your head and into your diary, and the classic existential crisis in the shower. Her words and imagery are more than captivating; they are relatable. We've all had the feeling of wondering what we could have done differently, if anything at all, for things to turn out better.

If you are looking for the courage to find closure with someone, give this song a listen (or put it on repeat). If you're interested in the prequel to "Stay," check out "Mean It," which might remind you that closure is overrated anyway.

Watch the "Stay" video below: