Griff and Sigrid Make For a Perfect Match on “Head on Fire”


Christmas came very, very, very early for fans of Griff and Sigrid when the duo took to Instagram to tease their collaboration. After weeks of anticipation, the breakout performers have released their single, "Head on Fire," which masterfully captures the helpless emotions that define the early blissful stages of a burning romance.

The aptly-named track, "Head on Fire" is a candid account of love's age-old battle between the head and heart. The inevitable pop stars take the listener on a journey through the exhilarating unknowns of a new romance as they cry out in frustration over the struggle of choosing reason or emotion. 

The lyrics fight the urge to succumb to a risky romance, but the pop duo ultimately allow their emotions to take over as they sing out, "Impossible fight / Over here, without you, every night / Sitting here with my head on fire." Sigrid and Griff's vocals soar over drums that mimic a heart bursting from the chaotic, unpredictable excitement of love at first sight. Their pristine voices blend together so effortlessly that it makes you wonder if they were simply made to harmonize together.

Known best for their danceable songs and honest lyrics, "Head on Fire" is no exception to Sigrid and Griff's upbeat yet emotionally palpable discography. In addition to the electrifying single, the two released a cover of Holly Humberstone's "Scarlett," giving fans hope that this is only the beginning for the captivating duo.

Watch the "Head on Fire" video below: