Groove with Quincy Mumford in Soulful ‘Every Wednesday’ EP [PREMIERE]


The love child of D'angelo and Al Green, Quincy Mumford has continuously proved himself as a force to be reckoned with. With a successful array of singles, "Thank You," "Great Escape," and "I Gotta Feeling," paving the way to his Every Wednesday EP, comes the long-awaited release, and it is more than worth the wait.

The New Jersey-bred artist has maintained a strong foundation, reaching top positions on multiple viral charts. With over 1.5 million streams, the producer and singer-songwriter has established himself by transcending the boundaries of soul and hip hop. And of the five infectious tracks, three stand out.

"Thank You," previously released as a single, is another unrivaled example of Mumford's skill and comes back around at a perfect time: Women's History Month. As we praise the women in our lives and around the world, Mumford does his part as well. Crooning "Thank you for letting me love you," the song is an anthem of appreciation and once again, showcases his ability to bring meaning to his art. With a voluptuous beat, soft vocals, and poetic lyrics, the song is one of our favorites.

"Ain’t It Sweet" starts off slow and sultry, reminiscent of a night out at a beach resort. As his rich vocals echo, we feel the urge to sway our hips and tap our feet to the beat. The song is sweet, incorporating many elements of hip hop and soul. With a laid-back flow, he speaks the truth as we know it, "I used to sit in the trouble bubble of my defeat/ until the rubble turned to humble concrete/ and I believe possibly all the things that I could be." With such compelling lyrics, Mumford is demonstrating not only the ease with which he speaks powerful truths but the powerful way in which he can help change the world.

"Show Me" instantly captivates you with a catchy introduction and Mumford's velvet vocals. Funky and groove-inducing, the song finds Mumford singing to the receiver of his affection. Crooning "You've got to show me how to get down/ how to make this party last/ show me everything, everything that you have," Mumford incorporates sensual lyrics with a seductive beat, and we cannot stop pressing replay.

Of the EP, Mumford says,

"The name 'Every Wednesday' comes from the beginning of working with my producer Jenaux. I would drive into the city every Wednesday for months, and spend hours in the studio laying the fountain for these songs. In the process, I felt very free to truly express my myself through music. Jenaux understood my vision and helped me craft the soundscapes that inspired my melodies and lyrics. This is the music I have always wanted to make, and this is just the beginning."

Overall, the EP is the epitome of Mumford's skill as an artist and a testament to what he has to offer the world. Stick around, he is nowhere close to being done.

Check out the intoxicating EP below: