Harry Hudson and Jaden Smith Let Their Hearts Bleed in “Just Slide” Video


Photo: Ashley Barone

Since Harry Hudson's emergence onto the music scene, he has existed as one of music's most enthralling and curious figures. Simply put, there is no one else quite like Hudson. The modern-day cowboy who beat cancer weaves sonic meditations from the threads of infectious pop-minded vocal melodies and the bravado of R&B, all with a tinge of folk. Then there is the fact that he is best friends with fellow MSFTS labelmate Jaden Smith, the very Smith whom he just dropped a music video for "Just Slide" with.

We originally praised "Just Slide" for its distinctive portrayal of love and vulnerability that strayed away from traditional masculine portrayals of unrequited love. Even after all the months since we first heard the immaculate pairing of Hudson and Smith's yearning vocals, we are still as infatuated as ever by this otherworldly blend of brooding R&B and electro-pop aesthetics. And the video for "Just Slide" see Hudson and Smith transforming their reflection on lasting heartbreak into a music video that could double as a film in terms of breathtaking visuals. 

"Did it hurt?" The unanswered question is left to hang in the air as Hudson and Smith venture through captivating yet isolated backdrops of scenic wilderness. The unsure state of the heart is expressed beautifully by shots that cycle from heartbreaking moments spent reminiscing and passionate emotional outbursts, all of which are accentuated by cold blues and purples. From Smith letting a single teardrop off as he stares off to an unseen point in the distance to Hudson stating the song's integral wish against a meteor shower, "Just Slide" does the very same thing some unknown lover has done to Hudson and Smith. It pierces your heart and stays with you long after the video reaches its conclusion.

Watch the video for "Just Slide" below: 

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