Hazey Eyes and Moli Tackle Losing Yourself in the Soaring “Hungover You”  [PREMIERE]


Photo: Grace Rivera

22-year-old growing dancefloor phenomenon Hazey Eyes is actively defying his age and any lingering expectations. Over the course of two remarkable EPs, 2016's Goodbye and 2017's Some Reason, the Philadelphia dancefloor auteur has given newfound meaning to the term emotional dance music. It is an evolving definition that Hazey Eyes raises to soaring, magnificent heights in his brand new single, premiering here today.  

"Hungover You" follows "Scars," which saw Hazey Eyes connect with Yoke Lore for one of the finest electronic showings of 2018. While "Hungover You" continues Hazey Eyes' noted trend of instilling a wealth of emotion into tracks that come alive on the dancefloor, to simply call this latest single a fine bout of electronic music would be doing it a disservice. It would discount the piercing heartache of the early '00s alternative rock and the glistening indie and electronica aesthetics that make Hazey Eyes' music so infectious yet personal.  

Joining forces with rising singer-songwriter Moli, "Hungover You" deftly weaves a poignant narrative into an irresistibly feel-great track. A reflective look at getting swept up in someone else, Hazey Eyes and Moli imbue "Hungover You" with you a depth that throughout its grandest moments and understated builds. Thomas Michel, the mastermind behind Hazey Eyes, spoke on the new single, sharing,

"'Hungover You' deals with what happens and how it feels when someone comes on too strong or you have too much of them at once. It seems great at first, but you may realize you lose some of yourself in the process.“

Sentimental, Hypnotic, and Dance-Inducing; "Hungover You" is sonic proof of Hazey Eyes' distinctive ability for delivering dance music that does so much more than compel you to move.  

Listen to "Hungover You" below:

To hear "Hungover You" and more live, be sure not to miss Hazey Eyes' forthcoming headlining run.

3/04 - Live @ Cafe Du Nord (San Francisco, CA) 
3/06 - Live @ The Echo (Los Angeles, CA) 
3/23 - Live @ Mercury Lounge (New York City, NY)