Hong Kong Boyfriend's "Tiramisu" Is Incredibly Rejuvenating


Growing up as a classically trained musician, Rob Sanders (Hong Kong Boyfriend), always knew that music would be a huge part of his life. It wasn't until he started falling in love with contemporary music that he found his true calling. Following the success of his debut single "Cold Waters," Hong Kong Boyfriend is back with his enchanting new single "Tiramisu."

His production is unique and wholesome. With deep and layered synths, it traps you in a dream-like trance of emotion and love. The glistening picking of the guitar accompanied by his echoing vocals creates an incredibly galvanizing experience. With just the help of one other writer, Jhune, the duo developed a signature sound for the young and upcoming artist.

However, it's the music video that captures the true story behind the song. Directed by Aamir Khuller, the video showcases the true meaning of the song. The video shows a girl reminiscing on a past love. The choice of lighting in the video is carefully chosen to juxtapose the good times and the lonely times. Hong Kong Boyfriend is an artist with raw emotion and relatability in a way that's refreshing and rejuvenating. Far too often, we see over-manufactured artists that are too hard to relate to, but that's not the case here. "Tiramisu" is just the beginning of a promising career for Hong Kong Boyfriend.