HONNE and Pink Sweat$’ “What Would You Do?” Is the Perfect Post-Quarantine Anthem


Let’s just say the world ended a week from now, what would you do? HONNE and Pink Sweat$ have molded their answer in the form of a blazing new single, "What Would You Do?" If there is anything this last year has taught us, it is to seize the present, and this song is the perfect soundtrack to your carpe diem moment.

From the second you press play, there is no time wasted as a damp Rhodes and HONNE's warm, welcoming vocals ask, "Let’s just say the world ended a week from now / What would you do?" Not sure if the title is a trick question because I would have HONNE and Pink Sweat$ on repeat for seven days straight. 

Bass stabs, percussive guitar, smooth synth glides, woodwind hints and a head bobbing groove lead you to the answer - "Just tell somebody you love them before it’s too late / 'Cause you’re running out of time, don’t wait another day." If that's not enough to have your thumb stuck on the replay button for days on end, the smooth bass slides and a saucy guitar and synth solo will surely do the trick.

The luscious pop tune features an infectious verse from Pink Sweat$ and an accompanying retro music video, following a boy courageously preparing to approach someone and tell them how he feels. You can also catch cameos of the HONNE duo as they brilliantly play a paperboy and gardener witnessing the big confession moment.

"What Would You Do?" is the ultimate form of sonic courage. These two gifted artists have gifted us with the perfect post-quarantine, seize-the-day song and we are here for it. 

Listen to "What Would You Do?" below: